Tolly directors present themselves as intellectuals

Many pseudo-intellectuals work in the Telugu film industry. Many of them try to pass themselves off as intellectuals in order to project a false public image, but their true abilities are quite different. If you get a chance to talk to them, you can get a sense of their naïve knowledge of politics and other real-life issues. The same can be said of two flop directors who have tens of thousands of social media followers.

One is a failing director who also had a series of failures as a screenwriter. The other filmmaker had a big blow a long time ago but has been suffering ever since. On social media, these so-called “intellectual filmmakers” had a public debate about the government of Andhra Pradesh. Of course, they didn’t specifically mention the government of YS Jagan or Andhra Pradesh, but it was all about the current upheaval in the state. The failed screenwriter who wrote the first remark about “current politics” later deleted it. However, the other director continued to converse with him. Their conversation lasted more than an hour.

YSRCP social media is already digging up their personal story. They mention that a director was slapped by a heroine for his inappropriate actions. Reportedly, the other writer is having an adulterous affair with an actress. And these “so-called” intelligentsia, whose political allegiances are well known, speak as if they were unbiased political commentators. The YSRCP has already launched a social media campaign against these two celebrities. Some of their supporters, on the other hand, have insisted that instead of wasting energy on issues they lack knowledge about, they should make films.

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