Transformational Fellowship Program Announces First Cohort of Fellows

Sixteen students from across eastern North Carolina have been selected to join the inaugural cohort of the NC State College of Education Transformational Scholarship Program.

The Transformational Scholarship Program provides scholarships totaling $40,000 over four years to promising high school students in eastern North Carolina who will return to the area to teach after graduating from NC State College of Education. The program was made possible by a generous charitable grant from the Anonymous Trust.

The inaugural class of Transformational Scholars represents 10 different counties in eastern North Carolina and includes eight elementary education majors, five math education majors, two science education majors, and one language arts and studies major. social at the intermediate level.

The new undergraduates have all demonstrated excellence during their high school careers. The cohort is made up of club presidents, student government officials, varsity athletes, and volunteers who are dedicated to making their community a better place.

“The inaugural cohort of the Transformational Scholars program represents the heartland of eastern North Carolina,” said Trisha Mackey, director of the Transformational Scholars program. “Members of this cohort come to NC State with leadership skills, a demonstrated commitment to their communities, and a desire to become the region’s next leading teachers. I am thrilled to see the huge impact they will have on our college, our campus, and our cohort.

Scholars receive $10,000 per year in scholarships for up to four years, in addition to funds that support professional development, such as study abroad and conference attendance. They will participate in field experiences, summer work, teaching students, and other activities that will allow them to return to eastern North Carolina to work as teachers upon graduation. undergraduate degree.

They will also receive direct mentorship from College of Education faculty and education leaders living and working in eastern NC, including graduates of NC State Leadership Academies ( NELA) and develop lasting relationships with other members of their cohort.

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