Uché Blackstock at the end of academic medicine

This week, “First Opinion Podcast” looks back on a conversation with emergency physician Uché Blackstock about his decision to quit academic medicine. Usha Lee McFarling of STAT recently reported on an astonishing investigation into how white researchers colonized research on health disparities and diversity over the past year. When racism persists in academic medicine and research, it means talented people like Uché will leave. Hear her story and “First Opinion Podcast” will be back with a new conversation next week.

“I wasn’t writing it just for myself,” Blackstock said of his first opinion. “I knew it wasn’t just my experience, although at the time I felt very lonely.

The conversation is based on Blackstock’s January 2020 first opinion, “Why Black Doctors Like Me Are Leaving Faculty Positions in Academic Medical Centers,” which was a call to arms for many black doctors.


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