Upcoming Academic Intervention for Tobago Students

Tobago’s Education, Research and Technology Secretary Zorisha Hackett assured that the learning loss that hundreds of students on the island would have faced as a result of the COVID pandemic -19 would be resolved.

In a THA press release, Hackett said there was a lot of work to be done to improve the overall performance of students on the island:

“Going forward, we will address the impact of lost learning due to the pandemic by tracking the progress of this cohort of students. We have already begun the process of diagnosing our students in grades one through three, through the Tobago District Assessment Administration. »

Last week, Hackett said 984 students on the island had taken this year’s SEA exam and that 278 would have passed their first choice, 128 students are expected to retake the exam.

She further noted that the preliminary grades indicated that there had been a significant decline in overall student performance.

Hackett said the average math score this year was 33.8%; English Language Arts 39.4% and Creative Writing 39.9% compared to 2021 where the scores recorded were 39.8%, 53.7% and 51.8% respectively.

Hackett further noted that the Division would therefore implement an academic intervention program to support students whose performance is below the national average. She said it would start in mid-July.

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