USID Holds Special Honor Ceremony for Students

United ISD held its special Student Honor Ceremony to recognize special education students from all of their high school and Cherish Center campuses.

Members of all high schools, the Cherish Center, and the Board of Trustees gathered in the Elias Herrera Middle School cafeteria to celebrate the selected students and their families. This ceremony has been organized by UISD for five years.

“All students should be recognized, regardless of ability or disability, so this is recognition for them,” said Laura De Los Santos, executive director of special education. “All of our students need to be celebrated, of all ages and levels.”

Each special education teacher was tasked with selecting one student from each of their classes to be rewarded. Students are nominated because they have excelled in their learning and improving the skills taught to them on their campuses. The students become the honored class representative of the year.

“I think it’s important that we recognize students and their accomplishments,” said Claudia Dovalina Guzman, executive director of special education/assessment/related services and compliance. “Everyone shines in their own way and their own light, and it’s important that we emphasize that all of our students have carrying abilities and today that’s what we want to highlight.”

Recognized students included:


Ricardo Garcia, Danae Polo and Karla Perez.

Lyndon B. Johnson

Cristina Munoz, Rosaura Chaez, Pedro Flores, Daisy Charles and Alexzandra Dellanes (grade 9 campus).


Clarissa Moreno, Miriam Belmares, LucianoVillanueva, AlianGuzman, Kevin Alaniz, and Rebekah Irene Castillo (9th grade campus).

united south

Evelyn Aylyn Castillo, Arnoldo Guerra, Ana Martinez, Idalid Gonzalez and Antonio Rojas (9th grade campus).

The darling center

Emanuel Saucedo, Rodolfo Benites, Angel Mata, Alan Estrada, Areli Aldrete, Roberto Joel Herrera, Gabriel Sanchez, Gabriella Botello, Maria de los Angeles Martinez, Angel Alexis Santos Juarez and Rene Gonzalez.

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