WIT Legal establishes a superior intellectual property practice to handle litigation involving emerging technologies

“Intellectual property litigation is the predominant part of our business,” said Paul Neal, President and CEO of WIT. “We have repeatedly proven to our clients that we have the best experts to advise them in their litigation strategies and testify on sectoral and technical issues. Our strategic orientation in the automotive, fintech, video gameand wireless communications industries recognizes that we are best placed to handle the major areas where litigation will arise. »

Part of the company’s success results from developing close relationships with its experts. To this end, WIT has formed a Intellectual Property Advisory Committee be a trusted business partner. Each panel member has been selected to bring a diverse perspective and in-depth knowledge on current and future trends impacting individual industries as well as trends that cut across multiple industries. Members of the Intellectual Property Advisory Board include former automotive industry executives larry achramgaming industry insider Josh Grantprominent MIT professor and network coding pioneer Muriel MedardPh.D. and financial industry veteran Pierre Vinelledoctorate

“Our Intellectual Property Advisory Board gives us insight into the issues that will arise during major legal disputes,” said Stephen Henn, Chief Revenue Officer at WIT. “With this knowledge in hand, we proactively engage with our clients to identify legal risks and opportunities and to provide them with the most experienced experts to help them advise their corporate clients.”

In automotive, fintech, gaming, and wireless communications, the company sees four major trends emerging as major areas of litigation – 5G/6G, electric vehicles, payment systemsand virtual/augmented reality. Significant investments have been made in each of these markets which are driving competition between major industry players and new entrants. In response, WIT has assembled teams of diverse experts to handle all aspects of intellectual property litigation, including litigation involving mergers and acquisitions, patent infringement, theft of trade secrets, commercial contracts and other critical areas for WIT customers.

In addition to disputes within individual verticals, WIT anticipates the growing challenges brought about by the convergence of technology between these industries. As a proactive approach to innovation protection, WIT advocates that lawyers engage with experts early in their litigation process to help them resolve potential issues.

Paul Neal adds: “We are excited about this next phase of our growth and will continue to partner with the best, the best experts and the best customers, to create opportunities for success.

About WIT Legal, LLC.

WIT is the only expert witness agency representing the world’s leading experts in counseling and testimony. Anticipating major litigation trends, WIT proactively builds teams of academic and industry experts who have the skills and experience to meet our clients’ needs. WIT has redefined the expert witness industry by bringing together the most in-demand experts under one virtual roof.

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